The Careers Office invites you to participate in an Assessment Center!

Are you looking for a job and you are not familiar with the Assessment Center technique?
The Careers Office offers you a unique opportunity to experience a realistic Assessment Center on Thursday, 16 May (9:30 -15:30) or on Friday, 17 May (9:30-15: 30). Registration and participation is compulsory so register by sending an e-mail to with your full contact details and the convinient day for you. Once registered, you must be there since non attendance will cause disturbance to the succesful implementation of the event.
Registration Deadline: Monday, 13 May.
Would you like some more information about the Assessment Centers?
An Assessment center is a technique for selecting candidates. It is widely used by multinational companies and it aims to assess aptitude & performance of candidates as part of the recruitment process.
Participants of the event will be asked to undertake a series of job-related exercises so that skills, competencies, and character traits can be appraised. Specially trained assessors from the Q Metric company will evaluate each participant against predetermined criteria.
See you there!