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Erasmus placement offers

Below you may find a List of Erasmus Placements

Do not use this listing as your sole resource! There may be other Erasmus Placement offers available to you based on your background, affiliations and specific interests.

Carry out your own research: Many students find the work placement independently by having direct contact with an employer in another European country or through responding to calls for work placement applications from employers on a website or other form of advertisement


20/01/2015 : Facial Animation Internships, Germany
07/01/2015 : Erasmus placement offers by ECHOROST ARCHITEKTI, Czech Republic
05/01/2015 : Erasmus Placement, Croatia
05/01/2015 : Erasmus Plus- Zening Resorts Placement offer, Cyprus
05/01/2015 : Erasmus placement, Slovakia
31/12/2014 : Erasmus placement, Austria