• Introduction to Innovation (Innovation concepts/management/strategies, innovation versus invention)
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship idea generation and evaluation techniques
  • Accessing Entrepreneurship support schemes: intangible and tangible support schemes (co-working labs/pre-incubation/incubation/start up/seed/early VC/BP competitions) current opportunities (e.g. Barrozo initiative for youth employment and entrepreneurship)
  • Intellectual property issues and commercialisation strategies/agreements
  • From the entrepreneurship Idea to Business planning /critical stages
  • The Business Plan (part A: evaluating the external environment to recognise opportunity)
  • The Business Plan (part B: creating an innovative organisation)
  • The Business Plan (part C: strategy formulation and financial forecasting)
  • Effective Business Models
  • Fundraising/Presentation techniques to various funding sources
  • Students’ Coursework presentation

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