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About the Careers Office

Role & Mission

The Careers Office lives up to International Hellenic University targets in being active, dynamic and forward-looking. The essence of its role is to actively engage students in exploring and pursuing their career aspirations by providing a wide range of career-related services.

The Careers Office is committed to providing professional guidance, resources and access to employment opportunities to a diverse body students and alumni. The office has adopted a student-centred philosophy according to which each student gets individual support to every career concern.

The office encourages students to be involved in their career development during their studies. Career events, access to career information, vacancy information, career fairs, internships and voluntary work are only some of the suggested ways for students to improve their employability skills and to make informed decisions about their career choices.

The Careers Office strives to provide the very best in career services, consistent with  the needs of the job market. Its main role is to help students to differentiate themselves in the job market and to add value to the degree they get from IHU.