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Alumni Benefits & Services

“Continuing the IHU experience”

As an IHU alumnus or alumna, students are invited to be part of an on-line network, a directory that helps them stay in touch with each other and feel part of the School and the University after their graduation. The network is designed to facilitate connections and to enhance global communication for both social and business opportunities.

Much of the University’s communication with the Alumni is via web and email. Through this medium, the University is able to share the latest news and ensures that students continue to be a part of the IHU community.

A variety of IHU’s benefits and services are available to alumni. Please take a moment to explore them:

  1. Alumni Career Services
  2. Career Services for  Alumni- Employers
  3. Access to IHU Library
  4. Guest Lecturer
  5. Reunions
  6. Volunteering: Get Involved

1. Alumni Career Services

The IHU Careers Office is the primary point of contact for alumni seeking career advice and assistance.

  • Individual Career Advice

Individual career advising is available to provide alumni with career development and professional job search assistance. The Careers Office has developed a number of Career Services to IHU’s students and Alumni.  Alumni may receive professional one-to-one support related to CV writing, interviews, job searching techniques and career options.

  • Participation in Workshops /Career Fair/ Events/ Seminars

The IHU Careers Office organizes many career events throughout the year including career development workshops, employer visits, guest lecturers, panelists and much more.

Special mention must be made to the International University’s annual Career Fair. The Career Fair is a great opportunity for IHU students and Alumni to learn about a range of possible jobs, to meet prospective employers face to face and make valuable contacts at some of the leading companies of their field of interest.

2. Career Services for Employers

  • Recruitment Services for Alumni Employers

The IHU welcomes Alumni Employers to participate in full-time, part-time, internship and alumni recruitment. Employers may identify quickly and without cost, at any point in time, highly qualified graduates from different academic backgrounds for their vacancies. On a regular basis, employers contact the Careers Office looking for job candidates who have been studying in a particular field of study or who have just graduated. We offer employers the opportunity to post a job or internship opportunity online on the IHU’s Business Gateway portal and to interview selected candidates either on- or off-campus. Employers are also invited to use our portal to raise the profile of their company. By posting their company profile, they can instantly promote their business, increase their exposure and enhance their presence.

  • On Campus Recruiting

We encourage Alumni to meet and build mutually rewarding relationships with our skilled students and graduates. The Careers Office may arrange on-campus visits and networking opportunities. On-Campus Recruiting is a system through which the Careers Office connects students and employers and provides interviewing opportunities. Companies send representatives to campus to interview candidates for possible positions (full-time, part-time jobs and internships) in their organizations. Companies select the candidates they would like to interview.

  • Company Presentations

Employers are invited to conduct information sessions and participate in career panels to present their organizations and meet with potential candidates. Hosting a Company Presentation or an Information Session is a terrific opportunity for employers to educate students about their organization. Such events also give alumni employers or managers an opportunity to come back to campus to network with current students about potential job opportunities. At the same time, Company Presentations are an opportunity for current students to gain insights on internships and job opportunities and to meet face-to-face with key industry contacts.

  • The Consulting Project

The Consulting Projects carried out by students as part of the programme of studies offer organizations support with tangible results and working solutions. Students are asked to carry out a real-life project in cooperation with an individual company and deliver specific solutions on issues related to their field of interest. This integrating project offers the students the opportunity to demonstrate in practice their newly acquired skills and competences. At the end, participants provide a detailed presentation of the project to company supervisors and to academic staff.

The IHU welcomes any opportunities to explore the possibilities of working with companies. If a company is interested in collaborating with the IHU it may post its request for collaboration on the Internet through our on-line service.

  • Participation in Career Fair

The IHU Career Fair is an annual recruiting event that connects local and international employers with IHU students. It offers a unique opportunity to participating companies to meet highly qualified job-seekers interested in a career opportunity.

By exhibiting at the IHU Career Fair, the participating companies will be able to meet and interact with potential job candidates, talented students and conduct first-level interviews. Additionally, the Career Fair provides an excellent opportunity to employers to network with other companies, associations or global recruitment professionals who influence the advancement and growth of the economy.

3. Access to the IHU Library

The IHU encourages alumni to make use of the IHU’s Library and Resource Centre during their visits to campus. Alumni who want to borrow materials from the Library’s collections may do so at no cost.

4. Guest Lecturers

There is a wide variety of opportunities for Alumni to share their area of expertise with students at the IHU’s career events. Alumni guest speakers may share their experience and provide students with knowledge about their area of interest.

Guest speakers may develop topics such as: how students may prepare themselves for a career in a specific business field, career paths or the skills required for a competitive business environment, alternative careers and business trends or perhaps their own success story.

5. Reunions

All alumni are encouraged to come back to the International Hellenic University and participate in the Annual Alumni Reunion. The purpose of the Reunion is to strengthen the relationship between Alumni and the University and to promote fellowship among graduates, former students, and the faculty. During the Annual Reunion, Alumni will have the chance to form new friendships and business relationships and exchange information with people of similar background. All Alumni will receive notices and invitations regarding the reunion in due time.

6. Volunteering: Get Involved

Volunteering can be an enriching and rewarding experience.  As an alumni volunteer, you can help organize events and programmes, serve on reunion committees, and more. Volunteering provides the opportunity to give back to your University, while having fun and developing new skills and friendships.