The Employment and Career Structure (ECS) of the International Hellenic University is an innovative coordinating infrastructure which aims to provide integrated services to students and alumni in order to support them to approach the labor market and build their future career successfully. The ECS actively utilizes the complementary substructures of the Career Office and Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit, seeking to build a bridge between education and business community as well as spurring the entrepreneurial spirit.

The successful linkage between International Hellenic University and the business community creates opportunities for the development of human resources and creates the conditions for the promotion of entrepreneurship. Through the Employment and Career Structure, the development of knowledge communication channels is sought, in combination with the substantial connection with the real economy as well as the boost of cooperation between industries and universities. In the framework of the international orientation of the International Hellenic University, the Employment and Career Structure adopts internationalized approaches in order to support and reinforce the professional development of our current students and alumni.


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