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Skills wanted by employers

Employers always look for the job seekers who have a set of skills and values which must be advantageous for the goodwill of company. It is important to identify which skills of job seekers are most on demand by employers.

Analytical Skill

Your ability to assess any given situation and find the key issues and solutions at any given time. is It includes ability to analyse the situation, find out different point of view and solutions for a single problem.

Communications Skill

These skills extend to the ability to do presentations, public speaking, customer service, persuasive selling and negotiation, dealing with people, understanding people, public relations, and management. It includes your written, verbal and listening skills

Computer Skill

Proficiency with computers and other electronic media is vital in today's high-tech workplace. Computer literacy is critical in all work settings.

Management and Interpersonal Skill

Ability to keep a creative environment confidently and motivate, activate, inspire and organise employees to meet high performance standards.

Work in Multi-Cultural Environment

As the marketplace becomes more global and the workplace becomes more diverse, the best candidates will be defined in terms of their ability to work with people from different cultures, languages and religions.Any understanding of international commerce and foreign languages will be a plus. Have the ability to work with people from different cultures, languages and religions.

Planning and Organizing Skill

It includes the ability to design, plan, organize, and implement projects and tasks within a given time period.

Creative Skill

The ability to be creative in an original manner. Being imaginative and innovative in order to find out solutions to different problems

Team Player Skill

Almost all jobs involve working together with others, being cooperative.

Adaptability and Flexibility Skill

Have the ability to adjust to new situations and accept new ideas. You should be flexible at work place.

Self Confidence and Professional Skill

Employers need employees who believe in themselves. They are stable personalities and committed to achieving excellence in a responsible and manner in all work activities.

Network Skill

You should have the ability to develop good relations and contacts in your field, throughout your working life. You need to be able to develop and maintain network in your professional life. It will help you for advice and information.