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Using Internet in your job search

The Internet expands your connections across local and national borders and gives you access to sites, resources, and possibilities you may not have considered.
Remember! Before you go online, you need to have your CV written and formatted before you start.
For an effective Online Job Search you should execute the following activities.


Connect with anyone you can through meetings, friends and colleagues. Online you can use Social Media Resources (e.g. LinkedIn) to connect with friends and colleagues participating in appropriate Networking Groups and Mailing Lists and professional association memberships.
TIP! Set up a profile on LinkedIn, establish connections with old friends and colleagues you know from past employment and professional association work. Then search the Groups Directory and join any that match your professional interests and aspirations.

Researching Employers

Most companies and organizations now offer a wealth of information on their websites. You may also use business directories, ads and profiles in local newspapers. Professional Associations and local Chambers of Commerce maintain free public lists of members on their websites which can be your potential employers. Google the company’s name to find useful information about it online. 
TIP! Use your connections to find inside information! If you know someone that works there ask him/her if he/she can help.

CV and Cover letter Distribution

Your CV and Cover Letter are your marketing brochures. You need them on paper and in multiple electronic formats for posting or emailing without problem. Carry them with you on a memory stick for quick access on any available computer.
TIP! Do not upload your CV in any possible job site because of problems with perception and privacy. Limit your CV posting to the few sites you have selected.

Follow Up your Job Leads

Following up job leads shows prospective employers your interest in the company and position -- and gives you another chance to sell your qualifications. Job-seekers need to be aggressive in following up all job leads because employers are not going to call you when hundreds and thousands of other job-seekers are applying for the same position. You may choose to follow-up your job leads either by talking on the phone (opportunity to reveal your personality) or via e-mails.
TIP! If you apply online for a position, consider following-up the online application with a cover letter and CV sent via postal mail. You will stand out over the other online applicants because few will also send a hard copy.

Keep in mind that the Inte​rnet should not be the only resource you use for your job search!

You must continue to utilise all contacts, information resources and services available to you for the most effective and efficient search for employment.