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ERASMUS+ Incoming Students

LLP / Erasmus students interested in studying at IHU should send their Application Form and Learning Agreement to Career Office at the beginning of the semester prior to their studies in the Institution.

These papers are signed by the Academic Supervisor of the relevant department, as well as by the Institutional Coordinator of the LLP / Erasmus Program for IHU. Both student and home institution are informed with an e-mail for the acceptance of the student and then, the student’s application form and learning agreement are posted back to the home institution, as an official confirmation of acceptance. 

Student’s application form and learning agreement should be sent to IHU by the home institution, dully completed and signed, no later than the 31st of May, for students wishing to study in IHU for the winter semester, and no later than the 15th of November, for students wishing to study in IHU for the spring semester.

Winter semester starts in the beginning of October, so LLP / Erasmus students should report to the Career Office between 20th - 30th October.

Spring semester starts on the first days of March, so LLP / Erasmus students should report to the Career Office between 20th – 28th February.


All LLP / Erasmus students should arrange their accommodation on their own



If you have a mobile phone handset, bring it with you. You can buy a Greek pre-paid phone number and recharge for 10 € at least, if needed.


The Headquarters of IHU are at


All incoming LLP / Erasmus students should first come to the  Career Office, in order to be registered. Each student should bring with him/her:

  • 4 passport photos
  • Student card of the home institution
  • European Health Insurance Card
  • Passport or ID

Students are provided with the registration’s document which they have to submit to the relevant Department so as to obtain a student card and get the discounts for the transportation means. Furthermore, a statement of arrival is faxed or sent by normal post to the students’ home institution.